Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are systems where you are asked to browse to other people’s websites and you earn credits or points that count towards other people who have signed up for the same traffic exchange to need to visit your website. Here is a short list of reasons that I believe you should avoid traffic exchanges:

  1. Some people use automated programs to earn extra credits, so your website won’t even get seen by a real person in those cases.
  2. The traffic you get is not targeted traffic. In fact it is worse than that, it’s traffic from people who are visiting your site mainly for the reason of getting people to visit their website. In other words, your visitors are not motivated to buy your product.
  3. Time is money and wasting time looking at other peoples websites, so that they will look at yours, could be better spent promoting your website in other ways.
  4. You can’t run Adsense on your site if you use a Traffic Exchange, because it is against Google’s Terms of Service for Adsense to use a Traffic Exchange program.

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